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Private Security in Ibiza and Liverpool

Vip Security Ibiza & Liverpool mission is to help define and implement a strategic security plan to protect you and your assets. Vip Security Ibiza LTD /Spain/ and Vip Security Liverpool LTD /United Kingdom/ are Limited Liability Companies and are licensed and certified.

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Highly trained and experienced in private security personnel


Vip Security Ibiza & Liverpool combines the expertise of professional personnel to provide a full range of security operations and protection. Our personnel is highly trained and experienced in private & assets security. Our customers are primarily private persons and celebrities, primary actors and high-profile individuals.


All of our successes are attributed to honest and open communication with our clients and the level of qualified security agents we provide. We accommodate an ultimate professional security services in our industry. Vip Security Ibiza & Liverpool provides for celebrities and executives also a variety of specialized private transportation service throughout Ibiza, Spain and Liverpool, United Kingdom, as well as its surrounding areas.


We offer as a service also an accompany at public places, events, parties, night clubs, restaurants and pubs.



Stable, reliable and devoted specialized private transportation service


Our team is consisted of highly trained personnel working as a security force to provide a deterrent to acts of aggression force and to behave and act with efficient effects. Our security teams and close protection bodyguards have the qualification and skill, based on previous experience to undertake their role in protecting.


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Our close protection bodyguards have the qualification and skill

Ibiza Private Security

Providing professional services including licensed close protection bodyguards, celebrity private security and discreet executive bodyguard services.

Maintain 24 hours

We maintain and serve with great dedication a full time 24 hours, 7 days a week services if requested.

Ibiza Asset's Securiy

We contribute your assets’s full security and professional protection.